The Pros & Cons of quitting your job and working at home

Image Have you had enough of sharing your space with people you would not normally choose to associate with?

Leaving the corporate world, with all its limitations, frustrations and corruption, to work from  home, was the best choice I have ever made.

Having to listen to other people’s choice of music constantly can make 8 hours feel like 16.

For some reason people tend to love using my shoulder to cry on. Do I really need to be lumbered with other people’s personal problems? What gives them the idea that I am qualified to give advice on the promiscuous behavior of Suzy’s teenage daughter, or the infidelity of Anne’s husband? I find it difficult enough to decide what’s for supper in my home, yet, I get asked daily what Margaret can feed her family for supper.

Having to cope with my own moods is enough for me – I do not have the patience to cope with a boss’s mood as well. Sharing an office with five or six women who each have PMS at a different time of the month can be torture.

If you’re considering the idea of working from home, one of the first things you need to do is make a list of the pros and cons of such a move. Here’s a list that may help you decide whether working from home is for you.


–Set your own hours.

No more 9 to 5! Do you hate early mornings? If you’ve always been a night person, you can work at night. Of course, if you are more productive in the early morning, you may be free for most of the afternoons and evenings. For the most part, when you work at home it doesn’t matter when the work gets done, only that it gets done.

–Be home for the kids.

While it’s nice to be there when your children are young, some would argue it’s even more important to be home for your teenagers. No longer will you have to dock a day’s wage when a sick child needs you. Being there when your children need you, gives them a sense of security, and you will have peace of mind.

–More personal freedom.

If you want a break from what you’re doing, you can go for coffee with your friends whenever you want. No need to wait for a public holiday to do that. You don’t have to beg for a vacation or a day off. The term “annual leave” will be scrapped from your personal vocabulary. You will be able to take as many leave days as you wish, whenever you wish. And if you are working in the virtual world, you can be in full control of your business wherever you choose to be. Working from home gives you amazing personal freedom that you cannot put a price tag on.

–Save money and time.

You’ll save money on gas and all commuter-related expenses. The time spent in traffic, and the frustrations experienced can spoil anybody’s mood. You have only barely recovered from the morning drive and you have to go through the same torture to get home!  Whoever awaits you at your destination, then has to cope with your frustration. Instead of going out to lunch, you’ll eat at home, which is always less expensive and usually a lot healthier. You can throw out the boring corporate power suits – jeans and a T-shirt cost much less. You may be able to change day-care for small children to half-day, or even save more by having them at home all day.

–The sky is the limit.

The income potential is only limited by your actions. You can determine how hard you want to work, and this will have a direct bearing your income. No longer will you have to compete, often with less competent people, for promotion and a higher salary. Using your own initiative will gain a brand new meaning.


–Potential initial pay cut.

It may take a while to get into whatever you are planning to do from home. However, once you have established your business, you are likely to be able to sustain a much healthier bank balance.


This is one of the biggest drawbacks of working from home and not everyone can handle being alone or in the company of kids and family pets all the time. Make a point of getting out and socializing often.

–Self discipline.

Household distractions can easily dominate your day. Be motivated enough to control your priorities. Sometimes, enthusiasm may prevent you from taking occasional breaks through the day, hampering your creative spirits. Leave small chores, like loading or unloading the dishwasher, to stretch those muscles.

–Employee benefits.

Being an independent contractor or freelancer, you will no longer receive benefits like health insurance and pension funds from an employer. Make sure you provide for that in your budget.

You may have your own things to add to this list of pros and cons, but keep in mind that the value of your gut instincts is immeasurable.

While weighing the pros and cons of freelancing from home – remember this:

No one said it would be easy – just know that nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment.


Who Masters Your Destiny?

A very important lesson in life is: You are responsible for your own success or failure, NO ONE ELSE. Don’t ever assume the victim’s mentality. Your failure cannot be blamed on bad breaks in life, your lack of education, bad economy, or any number of things. If you are hungry for success, you can overcome any obstacles. Don’t spend energy on making yourself a victim. Many people have enjoyed success despite bad breaks.


You might think: “Oh, it’s easy for you to say”, but nothing was handed to me on a silver platter.  I worked in the corporate world for 40 years. During the last five of those years, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. All our savings went into his treatment, and when he recovered and was strong enough to go back to work, the only employment he could find was in another province. We relocated, and because I was 58 years old by then, I could not find employment.

I went into months of depression until one day I read these words: “You are the master of your own destiny”. That shocked me back to life!

I started searching the internet and found things I knew nothing about – Affiliate Marketing, Virtual Assistant, Blogging, Ghost writing, etc.  I jumped into this with gusto and organized my on-line training as I went along. I made lots of errors along the way, wrong choices mainly. Oh, and not to forget those times when I followed link after link, wasting hours of time and not knowing how I got there.  There has been just such an information overload, and it had taken a while before I came across people like Sophie Lizard at Be a Freelance Blogger. That was when it all started making sense.

So, it’s up to you – NEVER QUIT – You have only yourself to blame if you fail.

You really are the master of your own destiny.